The Boring Asian Group
A Global Community of Like-Minded Individuals on A Mission to Become Successful in Health, Knowledge and Wealth.
Not So Boring.
Exclusive Networking Events with Like-Minded Individuals to Learn and Grow Together.

The Boring Asian Group is a dynamic global community founded by Mr. Haziman Hamzil and his visionary friends – Adam Danial, Wan Buhkhary, Nabil Aimran, and Izzat Farhan – in the early months of 2020. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower like-minded individuals on their journey to success in health, knowledge, and wealth. The Boring Asian Group proudly operates under the umbrella of Hamzil Global Ventures, a conglomerate dedicated to innovation and growth.

Life is more than just work, and we understand the importance of connection. Join us in exciting gathering events, ranging from invigorating hikes to engaging meetups and enriching travels. Membership is free, but active participation in meetups and gatherings is encouraged. This commitment forms the foundation of our vibrant community, where the exchange of values leads to collective learning and growth.

Ready to embark on a journey towards success in health, knowledge, and wealth? Join the Boring Asian Group today – where ordinary becomes extraordinary!